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Two red coats and the French Castle
New Archaeology at Old Fort Niagara
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Old Fort Niagara, a New York State Historic Site and a National Landmark, was the scene of over 300 years of settlement by French, British, and American forces. Archaeological research has provided a wealth of information about life at Fort Niagara. The archaeological investigations at the site, have explored the relationships between the Native Americans and British and French militaries, the role of class and status in the British military, and the transition to American rule during the War of 1812.

Excavations during the 2011 field school will further explore the life of the American and British soldiers in the Red Barracks, a War of 1812 structure.


Under the direction of Buffalo State College lecturer, Dr. Susan Maguire participants will receive instruction in archaeology methods and techniques, both in the field and in the laboratory.  While some lectures will be presented, this project involves hands-on learning.  No previous experience is required, but a background in archaeology, anthropology, or history would be helpful.

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In the summer of 2011 Buffalo State College will be hosting a 6 week archaeological field school.  For further information about this class, please contact Dr. Susan Maguire at Buffalo State College, Department of Anthropology.

Email maguirse [at] buffalostate [dot] edu

Buffalo State College

Dr. Susan E. Maguire

Teaching Assistant:
Ms. Chelsie Whitman (Anthropology)

Mr. Jerome Brubaker
(Old Fort Niagara)
Weekly progress of the 2009 field school
Weekly progress of the 2011 Field School.
Visit the Fort's previous field school seasons
Visit the Fort's previous field school seasons.
The French Castle and lake view
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